Bullet Blender Gold

Bullet Blender Gold

Best price: 4850 €

The Bullet Blender Gold combines dry ice cooling to keep samples at 4°C within a couple of degrees, noise insulation to keep homogenization quiet, and extra-powerful homogenization for tough samples. This homogenizer for tissue or cell cultures, can process up to 24 samples in parallel, each sample up to 0.3g each in a microcentrifuge tube (1.5 mL Eppendorf® safe-lock tube).

Includes the following:

  • The Bullet Blender ® Gold
  • Operator’s manual
  • Basic starter kit which includes:
    • Bead Sample Pack BSP-MC contains 10mL each of eight different bead types.
    • Spatula for dispensing beads

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Number of Samples
24 Tubes
24 Tubes
24 Tubes
12 Tubes
8 Tubes
1.5 to 2.0mL* snap-top polypropylene microcentrifuge tubes (e.g. Eppendorf® Safe-Lock™)
1.5 mL Eppendorf® Safe-Lock™ tubes
1.5ml screw-top polypropylene microcentrifuge tubes (e.g. Axygen, Corning®)
5mL screw-cap
50mL polypropylene skirted screw-cap tubes, placed in sleeves
Maximum Fill Volume
1.2mL, or 1.5mL
Maximum Tissue Sample Size
300 mg
1 g
3.5 g
With Air Cooling™?
Factory option available
Factory option available
CE Certified option?
Integrated BioBox™ Enclosure?
Not available
Not available
Factory upgrade available
Not available
Not available
Field Model
Factory upgrade available
Not available
Factory upgrade available
Not available
Not available

*When using 2ml tubes, we recommend using a minimum of 2 tubes per homogenization cycle.

The Bullet Blender ® uses 24V DC supplied by a small external power supply that plugs into a wall outlet. Next Advance will provide the appropriate power supply for your region.


– Compact – The footprint is only 9in. (22cm) wide by 11in. (28cm) deep. The BB50-DX model is 13 in. (33 cm) wide by 14in. (35cm) deep.
– High Throughput
– User friendly with only two settings to select: time and speed (intensity)
– The time of the run may be adjusted from 1-5 minutes (15 minutes for the Bullet Blender Blue 50). The Bullet Blender will automatically stop after the selected time is up.
– The Bullet Blender ® has 10 speeds, easily selectable from a front-panel control. This wide array of speeds allows the Bullet Blender ® to be used for gentle vortexing, vigorous homogenization, or anything in between.
– Versatile -The Bullet Blender ® can be used in temperatures ranging from 4°C to 60°C (avoid condensation, which will damage electronics and void the warranty).
– Requires only an electrical outlet for operation.
– CE certified 24V power supply, shipped with the proper plug configuration for your wall outlets.
– CE certified instruments with upgraded electronics available.
– Air Cooling™ on “BLUE” models prevents samples from heating up when processing multiple rounds. The COOLESThomogenizer available!
– 30 day money back guarantee
– 2 year warranty
– Made in the USA

Field Blender Enhancement

– Battery provides over 2 hours of continuous use.
– Padded handle for easy transport.
– Modified capacity for 6 microcentrifuge tubes to maintain performance when battery is low.
– Car power adapter included.

BioBox™ Bullet Blender ®

– Secondary enclosure for containing contaminants.
– Negative Pressure to ensure leaks are inward and contaminants do not escape.
– Interlocks to indicate that the secondary enclosure is closed and seal is intact.
– Transparent – to visually confirm tube and sample integrity.
– Bullet Blenders with the BioBox™ enhancement are final sale only.