For best results, use tubes that have been verified for use with the Bullet Blender ®
Eppendorf ®Safe-Lock™ snap-cap tubes for models BBX24 and BBX24B
– 1.5 mL Non-sterile
– 1.5 mL PCR clean, RNase & DNase free
– 2.0 mL Non-sterile
– 2.0 mL PCR clean, RNase & DNase free
Axygen® brand 1.5 mL screw-cap tubes for models BBX24W and BBX24BW
– Non-sterile
– PCR clean, RNase & DNase free
Axygen® brand 5mL tubes for BBX5MB units
– Non-sterile
– PCR clean, RNase & DNase free
Axygen® brand 50 mL skirted tubes for BB50-DX units
– Non-sterile
– PCR clean, RNase & DNase free


Bullet Blender spatulas50 µL Spatulas

Individually packaged spatulas for bead dispensing. PCR clean, DNase and RNase free.
– Pack of 50
– Pack of 10

100 µL Microspoons
– Pack of 25, non-sterile
– Pack of 10, RNase free

500 µL microspoons
– Pack of 25, non-sterile
– Pack of 10, RNase free

1.2 mL Spoons, sterile
– Pack of 200
– Pack of 20

The Arctic Rack Microtube Cooler

Bullet Blender ArcticRackWhy use a messy ice bucket when preparing your samples? The Arctic Rack keeps your samples cold while safely containing them in microtubes. The Arctic Rack maintains a temperature of approximately 0°C for up to 4 hours. One side is a convenient PCR work station and the other holds 36 standard 1.5/2.0ml microtubes.

Noise Reduction Enclosure

Bullet Blender Noise Reduction EnclosureOur Noise Reduction Enclosures are built specifically for the Bullet Blender ® using specialized noise reducing foam to provide excellent sound containment and dampening. The enclosure will reduce the noise level such that you can have a conversation at a normal level while standing immediately next to it.
The NRE-2 noise reduction enclosure comes with a cooling fan to prevent heat from building up inside the enclosure during Bullet Blender ® operation. Fits all BBX Bullet Blender ® models.

QuietCool Enclosure

Bullet Blender QuietCool EnclosureThis refrigerated enclosure reduces noise from the Bullet Blender ® even more effectively than the Noise Reduction Enclosure and also provides active refrigeration to keep samples even cooler! The thermoelectric cooling is environmentally friendly and never requires recharging. Cools down to 54°F (12°C). Features a double-paned glass front, integrated Bullet Blender ® power supply, internal LED lighting, digital temperature display, and touchscreen controls. 16 inches wide by 21.5 inches high by 20 inches deep. Fits all BBX Bullet Blender ® models.


Replacements for worn gaskets on lids. To ensure that you are getting the best homogenization with your Bullet Blender ®, worn gaskets should be replaced. While purely cosmetic wear will not impede performance, your gaskets should remain flat. To determine if your gasket is in need of repair, run your finger across it. If you can feel indentations made by the tubes hitting the lid, then you should replace your gasket. Available for all Bullet Blender ® models.